Who can use the Loyalty Program?

1. Existing customers can join the Florence Black Loyalty Program, unless previously removed from the Loyalty Program for incorrect use or other reasons as determined by the discretion of Florence Black.

2. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian’s approval to join the Florence Black Loyalty Program. 

3. You must complete the Loyalty Program Sign Up Form and enter all details correctly, to the best of your knowledge.

How do I join the Loyalty Program?

1. Complete our online Loyalty Program form.


2. Shop online to earn loyalty points.

3. Level up through our Tiers with your loyalty points to earn discounts, access to secret sales, free shipping and returns, special gifts and events, personalised pieces and more!

Is it free to join?


Benefits of joining the Loyalty Program

For Membership Tier (£0 - £499):

  • Welcome Gift (100 points)
  • Birthday Gift (100 points)
  • Free shipping and returns on your first order

For Bronze Tier (£500 - £1499) :

  • 15% off your first Bronze Tier order
  • Birthday gift (100 points)
  • Access to secret sales
  • 2-hour-early access to new collections
  • Invitations to special events

For Silver Tier (£1500 - £3499) :

  • 20% off your first Silver Tier order
  • A special birthday gift 
  • Access to secret sales
  • 4-hour-early access to new collections
  • Invitations to special events
  • Double points days

For Gold Tier (£3500+) :

  • 15% off all Gold Tier orders
  • Free shipping and returns
  • A personalised Tier welcome gift
  • A curated birthday gift
  • Access to secret sales
  • 24-hour-early access to new collections
  • Invitations to special events
  • One-to-one styling sessions

How do I earn points?

Points are earned when shopping online at florenceblack.co.uk or at our pop-ups. For pop-up attendees, we may gift extra points following a purchase, as a thank you for attending. This will be on an event-by-event basis.

For those Bronze Tier and above, you can join our Referral Program to earn extra points. For those who are Silver Tier and above, you will also have access to Double Points Days. (More information on Double Points Days below.)

Points cannot be transferred for other store discounts. Only purchases made as an individual will count towards your points total. Points cannot be combined or pooled with other customers. 

Important note: Make sure you are using the same information as is on your Loyalty account, as we may not recognise your purchases if alternative names and email addresses are used.

How are points calculated?

Points are rewarded based on spend in GBP. Customers are rewarded 1 point per 1 GBP spent. This ensures that all customers, no matter where they are located, are awarded the same amount of points for the same purchases.

What if I've already purchased from Florence Black, do I get points for previous orders?

Yes. We will backdate points for any previous orders made on our website, less any returns, cancellations and discounts. This is at the discretion of Florence Black and may be changed or halted at any time. 

If I reach a new Tier, do I still get the benefits of my previous Tier?

Once you've reached a new Tier, you will only be able to use rewards for that Tier. 

Can I use rewards together?

Rewards and discounts cannot be used together in a single transaction, nor can they be combined with other rewards.

Can I use discount codes at pop-ups?

Discount codes can currently only be used online at florenceblack.co.uk.

How do returns work with my points?

For any returns made to Florence Black, the associated points will be deducted from your points account. If an item was bought during a sale or using a form of discount, then the value after discount will be deducted.

If we make deductions from your points account we will notify you via email, following on from your return acknowledgement and refund email. 

For details on free returns, please visit our returns and refunds page on our website. 

How do I maintain my Tier level?

Once you reach a Tier, you will enjoy the rewards for that Tier for 12 months. This will be the case unless your spend increases and you move up a Tier, or the qualifying purchase to move up a Tier includes a returned or cancelled order. In this scenario the associated points will be deducted, which may result in you remaining at your current level until a further qualifying purchase is made. After 12 months, we will review your spend for that period and adjust your Tier accordingly. 

How do Double Points Days work?

For customers at Silver Tier and above, you will receive promotions notifying you of upcoming Double Points Days. Once your order is confirmed, we will review your purchase to confirm your Tier and assign your additional points. This will typically be done within 24-48 hours.

Do I get points when I use a gift voucher?

 Only the person who made the initial purchase of the voucher will gain points, as it counts towards their spend. This is non-transferrable. The recipient will receive points less the value of the gift card that they use.

For Gold Tier, when do I receive my personalised gift?

After one month as a qualified Gold Tier member, the Florence Black team will reach out to you to start the process for creating a personalised piece. From there, the process is personalised and you will be provided with further information at the time. Gift options can not be switched for other products, colourways or alternative text positions, sizes or fonts.

How do I receive my birthday gift?

For Membership and Bronze Tier, we'll automatically give you 100 bonus points on your birthday. For Silver Tier and above, we'll send you an email on your birthday letting you know that your birthday gift is waiting for you and what you can expect. To receive your birthday gift, you can either pick it up from our London location for free or we'll include it with your next order.

What is the birthday gift for Silver and Gold Tier?

This will change periodically to ensure that our customers are receiving something different each time. We don't want to ruin the surprise, so we will reach out to you on your birthday, potentially with a couple of options. 

How long is my birthday gift valid for, if I don't shop for a while?

We'll hold on to your gift for six months, giving you plenty of time to choose your favourite Florence Black pieces and have them sent together. If you do not redeem your birthday gift within the given period, it may be forfeited.  

When will I be invited to special events and pop-ups?

As our events take time to plan correctly, especially as we want to ensure our customers have a great time. For this reason, we are currently holding special events and pop-ups every few months. For Bronze Tier and above, you will get the opportunity to join via invitation. These will be sent via email in the lead up to an event.

For any one-to-one appointments, priority is given to Gold Tier, followed by Silver, then Bronze.

How often will I receive communication regarding the Loyalty Program?

You will only receive email communication regarding our Loyalty Program when there are rewards or points earning opportunities waiting for you. If you do not wish to receive emails from Florence Black, simply click "unsubscribe" in any of our email communications and you will be removed from our marketing communications. This will not affect your points, however you may miss out on rewards, points opportunities and important information regarding your Loyalty Program account. 

For any further queries please get in contact using the “contact us” section of the website.