act 3- Name

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Chapter 1 - Your Name Is Your Identity.

I've come to realise that your name is your identity and your identity is your name. All of the actions you take up until this very moment define:

What the name means.

 What that name stands for.

What that name will become.

Put your name to a craft & pursue it relentlessly. What you put into this universe, you will eventually get back. Karma in a sort of way. This understanding was my own awakening to accepting & becoming Finn. 


Chapter 2- Make Your Name Your Own

That moment of revelation made me understand it’s about making that name an identity I could be proud of, and that others could respect.  Contrary to accepted advice, but not to be confused with conformity, I strongly believe you should seek validity from your peers. 

 It affirms the positive energy you put into the world, & to carry on expelling that infectious energy.

 It provides the motivation you need to improve as an individual. To do better & be better.

When people hear the name ‘Finn’, I want this to be for the right reason, positive memories, a motivator to want more from your life, to work hard for what you want from this one chance we get in life.

chapter 3- We are Florence

Just as I have become proud of myself, I'm equally as proud of Florence Black too. I want to shout our name from the rooftops. It’s time to really share Florence Black & our community with the world, because other people deserve to be a part of this movement. A movement to make you proud of wearing the brand too, to have that reminder about what your name means, of what your name stands for, of what your name will become. 

 It’s time for this brand to become part of your identity, & we will reciprocate the love ten fold.  “For We Are Florence Black”